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Contents of Vol. 06, No. 02 (August 2017)
  • Peer Reviewed Articles
  • Shobha-thumbInvestigation of Gamma and High Energy Electron Dose Effect on a MOEM Sun Sensor Developed for Micro Satellite Applications
    S. P. Karanth, V. Shobha, Sumesh M. A., T. V. Sridevi, K. T. Manjunath, Beno Thomas, L. V. Prasad, M. Viswanathan
    JoSS, Vol. 06, No. 02 (August 2017) pp. 581–589

    First Page / Download PDF 10 Pages (697kb)

  • Thelen-thumbA Europa CubeSat Concept Study for Measuring Atmospheric Density and Heavy Ion Flux
    Alexander E. Thelen, Nancy Chanover, James Murphy, Kyle Rankin, and Steve Stochaj
    JoSS, Vol. 06, No. 02 (August 2017) pp. 591-607
    First Page / Download PDF 17 Pages (1,092kb)
  • Zea-thumbA Study of the Small Satellite Community’s Life-Cycle Activities
    Bungo Shiotani and Norman G. Fitz-Coy
    JoSS, Vol. 06, No. 02 (August 2017) pp. 609–633
    First Page / Download PDF 16 Pages (1,736kb)

Previous Issue

Contents of Vol. 06, No. 01 (MAY 2017)
  • Peer Reviewed Articles
  • Lev-thumbHeated Gas Propulsion System Conceptual Design for the SAMSON Nano-Satellite (Propulsion)
    Dan R. Lev, Jacob Herscovitz, Daniel Kariv, and Itzhak Mizrachi
    JoSS, Vol. 06, No. 01 (May 2017) pp. 551-564
    First Page / Download PDF 14 Pages (725kb)
  • Zea-thumbCharacterization of CubeSat Reaction Wheel Assemblies
    Joel Shields, Christopher Pong, Kevin Lo, Laura Jones, Swati Mohan, Chava Marom, Ian McKinley, William Wilson and Luis Andrade
    JoSS, Vol. 06, No. 01 (May 2017) pp. 565-580
    First Page / Download PDF 16 Pages (1,736kb)

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E. Glenn Lightsey, Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia, USA)


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Adarsh Deepak, Ph.D. (JoSS, Hampton, Virginia, USA)
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